Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

I've not formatted my laptop since a year ago thanks to my holidays being filled up. A few weeks ago, I've finally formatted my laptop with the latest Kubuntu release. And, dual booting with Windows 7. Also, I'm running virtual box with Windows XP SP 3 as a guest.

So here's the err... Windows 7... blah:
Windows 7 Ultimate

So, I have to say this release of Kubuntu is the best I've used so far! Installation works fine, sound, video, wireless, etc. drivers detected without any problems. Softwares are stable, and do not crash as often as they used to.

My slightly modified Kubuntu desktop:

Kubuntu Maverick Meerkat Desktop with Pudong, Shanghai :D

About the screenshot, I have no idea why the temperature is 70+ºC when it is really not. Previously the monitor only shows 50 to 60 ºC at most.

I just gotta love the the new system tray! Especially the new network manager which is a huge improvement from the previous one. The icons are also much cleaner and even auto hides the inactive ones. And, the notification is great too!

The desktop activities seems to be usable now. However, I've not figured out how to use it yet since I remembered reading somewhere that its development is still in progress.

With Virtual box, I got a guest OS too:

Windows XP SP 3 Dark Edition in full screen mode

In seamless mode

Guess what. I did all of these without the need of using a the Konsole! Good news for command line phobic people ;)

And what's linux without some eye candy?

Kwin Desktop Cube
A review is not complete without complaints too huh?? So here goes:

  • Grub seems to act a little weird after I boot into windows, restart and boot Kubuntu. It will freeze and not able to boot into Kubuntu. This happens only occasionally though.
  • Kwin's present window effect is buggy. It will freeze the whole desktop at times. Even Ctrl + Alt + Esc does't help. So far the only solution I can think of is hit the restart button (ouch). I turned the effects off to avoid such problems. The previous version of Kubuntu works magically well :(
  • Ibus or whatever language input software should be included by default. I have Ibus now, although it works properly, it acts a little weird: 2 icons on the tray, changing input methods won't behave properly (using mouse) sometimes.
  • Flash seems to be slow. Youtube seems to be fine but if playing facebook games, you'll notice its significantly slower compared to when using windows.

*Note: I'm no professional software reviewer. All comments are based on my usage experience only

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