Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ancient Aliens Series by History Channel

WARNING: Content may be offensive to some people's religions or beliefs. View with an open mind.

Have you ever wondered how the pyramids in Egypt were built back in over 4000 years ago with supposedly, only simple tools? The blocks weigh around 2 tons each and millions of these blocks were used to construct the pyramids. And, the period of its construction - 20 years. Even more remarkable are their precision in the geometry of the pyramids and even the individual blocks itself. It is difficult to replicate even with the modern technology we posses today.

Then there are the pyramids in Mexico, equally remarkable. But what's even more puzzling is that the alignment of the pyramids at Teotihuacán, Mexico is aligned in the same way as the pyramids at Giza in Egypt, which are in the same manner as the Orion's belt. The Pyramid of The Sun in Teotihuacán is also similar to that of Great Pyramid of Giza in dimensions - their base is almost identical, and the one in Mexico about half of the one in Egypt in height. Are these coincidences? Archeologists believe that these civilizations developed independently and did not communicate with each other!

Other than the pyramids, there are other ancient monuments which leaves us puzzled about how they were built, why were they built, their functions and even who or what built them. The Stonehenge in England, the statues in Easter Island, the Nazca Lines in Peru, the ruins in Pumapunku, Tiwanaku in Bolivia and many more.

Strange artifacts are found which resembles modern objects like figurines and drawings of astronauts and flying machines, crystal skulls, complicated astronomical calendars and even computers. One will ask how these ancient people posses these advanced knowledge. The ancient texts also describe technologically advanced flying machines, events which are strikingly similar to that of a spaceship landing, and about how their gods descended from the sky.

More recently, events such as the appearance of crop circles, disappearances of ships in the Bermuda Triangle and UFO sightings. How can all of these be explained?

To explain all these, there's a theory put forward, called "The Ancient Astronauts Theory". This theory suggests that extraterrestrials have visited earth since ancient times and have influenced the development of human culture and technology. This theory has been recently been highlighted in a series of documentaries by the History Channel called Ancient Aliens.

There are many instances where it is believed that aliens might have intervened with human development, leaving monuments, cave drawings and ancient texts behind for us to somehow understand or communicate with them. Some of it is too convincing that it is hard not to believe.

This series is available online for viewing, through parts of videos uploaded to youtube:

Chariots, Gods and Beyond

Episode 1: The Evidence

Episode 2: The Visitors

Episode 3: The Mission

Episode 4: Closer Encounters

Episode 5: The Return

While many of the theories seem credible and believable, in my opinion, I believe they still require more evidence to support this theory. As before, people may use religion or god to explain anything they can't explain, the ancient astronaut theory seems to replace god and religion with aliens instead. Some other claims made however, is unacceptable to me as a search in the internet shows conflicting information.

Whether true or not, this is a very interesting view point for us to ponder about. If it is proven not to be true, I'll definitely accept it, and I believe most of the Ancient Astronaut Theorists will as well. But if it is true, then we'll definitely be rewriting human history and also the future.

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