Sunday, November 22, 2009

Malaysia's Volcano?

I was surfing the net, browsing pictures of the islands off Semporna and i came across something interesting - There is a volcano in Malaysia!!

There are actually a few extinct volcanoes like the Boheydulang and Bodgaya atoll, and Mt. Tannabalu on Pulau Timbun Mata. All of them are located around Semporna area.

Well, probably not so surprising to find extinct volcanoes in Malaysia, since we are so close the the Pacific Ring of Fire. But...

There is one active volcano called Bombalai Hill. It is said to be the only active volcano in Malaysia.


And this is a picture of the hill taken by stimix on myaseanfreemaps forum:

This is definitely something interesting to know. I wonder if i'll have the chance to see it during my coming trip to Tawau and Semporna.


  1. u wanna see it sleeping or erupting?

    hope to go around those islands

  2. Either sleeping or erupting will be a good experience!!