Friday, November 27, 2009

The Making of "10Sabah"

My friends and I have been planning for this semester break trip for quite some time. Probably for a year already, since we went for the Pangkor trip if i remembered correctly. We switched between Sabah and Sarawak along the way but in the end, the flight ticket made the choice for us - Sabah!

We decided to make it a 10 day trip. Which is why i call it 10Sabah.. ha ha... Then, I decided to make it a round Sabah trip, since 10 days around the west coast is too much, but then too expensive if we cover places like Labuan and Pulau Tiga or do activities like rafting or hiking Mount Kinabalu.

The planning of the trip came into quite a lot of troubles. The first one, obviously is the air ticket, then the budget, the timing, the cramming-as-much-places-to-visit-as-possible into a day, the last minute decisions, the contacting with hotels, and dive lodge, the fine tuning, etc...

This is the first time i'm responsible for fully planning a trip, and unfortunately it is a long trip and not an easy one to plan. Therefore i really appreciate the help from Grace for giving suggestions, Willie for being the tour guide, Carmen for the room, and maybe wei leong for being noob? ha ha.. joking...

I would also like to apologize to all of you guys if there are hiccups along the trip or i kept you guys waiting for my confirmation on the trip or if there was bad information flow etc.

As of now, pretty much everything is already in place and i'm finally looking forward to the trip, instead of worrying about it. I'm sure it will be a very interesting trip as it will be the longest of any trip i've made, journeying furthest away from home that i've ever been in my life, spend the most money i've ever did, go on to the most plane rides in a trip, and many more to come i guess...

The part that i'll be looking forward to the most must be the Mabul-Kapalai trip. and also the one that causes me the biggest headache. That area is famous for being one of the best dive sites in the world, especially Sipadan (which we are not going).

Ok, glancing at the clock, it says 0527. I should get my sleep or i'll be dead during the trip, when we'll have to wake up extremely early to save time. have to try to shift my biological clock back to normal in the coming days. ciao!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Malaysia's Volcano?

I was surfing the net, browsing pictures of the islands off Semporna and i came across something interesting - There is a volcano in Malaysia!!

There are actually a few extinct volcanoes like the Boheydulang and Bodgaya atoll, and Mt. Tannabalu on Pulau Timbun Mata. All of them are located around Semporna area.

Well, probably not so surprising to find extinct volcanoes in Malaysia, since we are so close the the Pacific Ring of Fire. But...

There is one active volcano called Bombalai Hill. It is said to be the only active volcano in Malaysia.


And this is a picture of the hill taken by stimix on myaseanfreemaps forum:

This is definitely something interesting to know. I wonder if i'll have the chance to see it during my coming trip to Tawau and Semporna.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

And so, ends the 1st semester of my 3rd year!!

I'm finally got free enough to get my blog started. I've just finished my finals yesterday morning and so, my semester break starts. yay!!

It has been a tough semester, tough subjects, horribly tough assignments and of course, killer exams. If i can maintain a 3.0 GPA, I'll be more than glad.

To add on to that, a lot happened around my house. Some new people, new problems, lots of misunderstanding... Ahh... miss the good old days... even miss the hostel years... you guys were great people!!

Well, let the past be the past, now i'm planning to fully utilize my holidays doing whatever i feel like doing. I might not have a long holiday ever again. The next semester break will be filled with my internship, and in my 4th year, i might be busy with my thesis. So, i just gotta make full use of this holidays and relish every moment of fun, sleep, sitting in front of computer and being bored (being bored is a luxury for me).

So, my friends from Penang are coming over to Sabah for the holidays, and i have like 12 days between now and then. I plan to do some planning these few days and get things sorted out. And, after that, will be looking for people to hang out and enjoy wasting my time.. ha ha!!

I'm looking forward to the trip, especially to the east coast of Sabah, and of course Mabul!! bad news is I'm already broke even before the trip... yikes!!

Well, first thing's first, i need my sleep!! only slept for less than 1 hour yesterday afternoon as i accompanied my friend to do some cooking and turned my room into a cinema at night...

The hibernation i've been waiting for will soon start...